Smoothies are a great way to grab a meal on the go. Whether you’re busy in the morning, pressed for time at lunch, or looking to get calories in quickly after a good workout, then a smoothie might be a good option for you.

Now I’ve been drinking shakes for almost seven years now, and I’ve used a number of blenders. Finding one that actually chops ice and tougher ingredients can be difficult, but at they’ve taken care of that for you. I’ve personally wanted a Vitamix for year, but after reading their review on blenders, I think I’ve changed my mind AND you can use blenders for so much more than just smoothies. (Think: recreating one of your favorite recipes from the Food Network.:)


I think most people think of fruit when they think of smoothies, and that’s because fruit is good for you. I recommend keeping any skins on if you would eat the skins of any fruit you would put in your smoothie because extra fiber and nutrients can be found in the skin. You want this. I also use frozen fruits. It’s easy to keep them in my freezer and use them when I’m ready. It also helps to thicken up your drink without ice.

If you find it difficult to include vegetables in your diet, then a smoothie might be a good place to sneak them in. Basically any fruit you like greens like spinach or kale which you can’t taste in the smoothie when they’re fresh and not cooked.

Then you need to choose your liquid. I really like coconut milk, but you could use almond milk, rice milk, regular milk…even water!

You can also add probiotics with plain yogurt (I say plain because there’s no sugar added) or kefir.


If you’re looking for a little extra protein you can always add protein powder. They’ve also done a review of protein powders at I personally have been using a shake powder (Shakeology) for the last seven years that I love and it’s at the center of my smoothies. It’s more than a protein powder though, so it just depends on your goals and budget. You can also add extracts and spices to any of your smoothie recipes.

Here are a couple of examples of smoothies I’ve made:

Above is a mango smoothie:

-1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology (you could use any vanilla protein powder you choose)

-frozen mango

-1/2 cup orange juice

-1/2 cup coconut milk

-handful of ice


The mango, orange, and coconut milk taste delicious together!


I love a good smoothie, and think they can be a great way to get in healthy fruits, veggies, and probiotics, but not all smoothies are the same. You should make them at home, not buy them from the store or most smoothie shops mostly because you can’t always be sure of the added sugar. If you do, just be sure to ask questions and read labels. 🙂

If you find eating healthy intimidating and overwhelming, I’m here to help you make that a little bit easier through coaching and education. Contact me for more details. Make sure you sign up for my e-mail so you don’t miss my blogs.

Until next time…

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