What Comes First? Prioritizing Your Fitness Goals

What Comes First?

Trophy Point at West Point, NY with Jacqueline.
Trophy Point at West Point, NY with Jacqueline.

Fitness goals don’t necessarily have to do with losing weight, but usually when someone thinks of “getting in shape”, she thinks back a time when she was “skinny” or wore a much smaller size. Maybe it was high school, or college, or before she got married…and definitely before she had kids! (Boy, do kids do a number on the body!) We often look back at pictures of ourselves and see ourselves much differently than we did at the time. When I look at the picture of me with my daughter, I don’t see an overweight or fat woman, and I’m certain most people looking at this would not think that either, but to me I was the heaviest (non-pregnant) I had ever been and I was miserable: I was struggling with depression and with being a new mom to a little girl who had some pretty special needs. The doctors appointments, the therapy…just the new life.


This was the first step for me. I had tried running, but didn’t see a lot of change in my body or an improvement in my running. (I didn’t have a plan either, and thought if I just started running I’d lose weight and get in shape. You must have a plan.) It wasn’t until I was about six months pregnant with baby #2 that I decided “this time will be my time!” At the very same time my friend, who soon became my coach, reached out to me asking me to joint her challenge group. At the time she ran hers like a weight loss challenge, and I couldn’t participate pregnant, so I waited until I gave birth to start. It gave me lots of time to pick a program. So that was my first step deciding I would get in shape and deciding on a program. I started with 10 Minute Trainer, but two weeks into it I was moving back to P90X.


So this is the next step. I committed to those programs. I wasn’t that committed to the first because I wanted a little more of a challenge, and I had tried unsuccessfully to complete P90X three years earlier and knew that I had to complete it this time. So every day, with two little kids to take care of and one needing therapy and doctors appointments, I. Worked. OUT! I just did it! I didn’t make excuses, and made the workouts fit into my day. Nutrition was a little more difficult for me because I thought I ate pretty well…which I did, but I found out later I could do better. And I have been since then.


If you put great nutrition together with commitment to a program, you WILL see results. Whatever your goals are, there is a program and nutrition guide to fit them. It’s not always about weight loss. Sometimes it about strength, muscle, balance, flexibility, or just your sanity! Working out has given me these results…

Six weeks after baby #2. The beginning of my weightloss and fitness journey.
Six weeks after baby #2. The beginning of my weightloss and fitness journey.
After 30 Days of Core de Force
After 30 Days of Core de Force

This is after 3 kids! Yes. You can do this too. I have a new outlook on life and a new way of looking at challenges. This has been more than just a physical change for me, and very much a mental change. I can help anyone, but I feel that stay-at-home-moms tend to need the most help because it’s so out of the routine we used to have. You can be successful and you can do incredible things if you just decide you’re going do them and put a plan into action. How can I help you get into the best shape of your life? I would love to help you get on the right track in the New Year and become the very best version of yourself! 

If you haven’t already heard about the newest Beachbody release, please go check out my write up on it here! 

I can’t wait to hear from you and find out how I can help you reach your goals.

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  1. […] A huge part of fitness is obviously the physical aspect, but what many people who have never attempted a challenging workout regimen is that you have to be mentally tough, even more so than physically. Your mind will stop a thousand times before your body does, and this is where the change happens. I’ll never forget starting P90X the second time and having a conversation with my husband about workouts, and he basically told me, “Working out sucks (he thinks so but I kind of love it…most of the time. At least I love it when I’m done), but you suck it up and push until you can’t push any more.”  It was the first time I had ever heard anyone say this, and it kind of changed my life.  It helped me make goals and actually stick to them! […]

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