Coconut Oil Is Bad For You…

Coconut Oil Is Bad For You

Did I just read that correctly? Coconut oil is bad for you? Well, according to the newest study published by the American Heart Association, it is. For years, people in the the health and fitness industry have touted the benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your diet. You can read the full story here.  The world of nutrition can be a confusing and tricky place. One minutes we hear that a particular food is healthy, the next we hear it is not beneficial and even unhealthy in this case. What I think should happen is rather than panic or just take something for face value is to pause…

Think About It

We live in a digital society where we get information thrown at us VERY quickly on a daily basis. It’s often difficult to process the information we hear before we’ve had something new thrown at us. I’m not here to tell you to eat or not eat coconut oil. What I am trying to tell you is don’t have a knee-jerk reaction to the news or information. Even I’m guilty of this.

Personal Thoughts On This

Just because a large organization like the American Heart Association (or FDA) posts an article or makes a claim, I’m not necessarily sold on it. I consider a lot of things like what’s their slant on it. Just like news organizations (which aren’t supposed to have political biases) have biases, so do large group like this and the doctors who contribute to them. When the coconut oil industry puts out benefits of using coconut oil, it’s for their benefit. Unfortunately, though doctors and medical industries are supposed to have people’s best interest and health in mind, big pharmaceutical companies make out.

Going Deeper

The American diet is already very high in Omega-6 fats which cause inflammation. Despite this the American Heart Association recommends oils that are high in this fat such as safflower and soybean oils. (Hope that soy crop used to make the soybean oil isn’t GMO.) Why now? Here’s an article written by a company I trust and was nutrition certified through all about healthy fats. As you can read, our omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is a bit off from our ancestors. I personally try to stay away from soybeans other than the occasional soy sauce. This is why I question motives!

What Will I Do?

My personal jar of coconut oil

As you can see, on my personal jar of coconut oil, they have not tried to be sneaky about the amount of fat or what type of fat is in it. I’m keeping my coconut oil, and I won’t be using it for my hair and moisturizing my skin. I will continue to consume it as well as give it to my children. I don’t eat it every day, but I will occasionally have oatmeal and put about a teaspoon in it. (The nutrition facts here are based on a serving of 1 tablespoon.) I also might sauté some of my favorite veggies in there because I love the taste of coconut! Another great article that goes into more specifics is the one here from WebMD  , the bottom line is about the same as this one. So as you can see, the only thing bad for you, is bad information and knee-jerk reactions. 


So what can you do? I’d love to talk to you more about food and living a healthy and balanced life. I’ll have a link to personal nutrition coaching VERY soon. I’m currently getting ready to launch a Beta test group. Stay tuned for pricing and availability.

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