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Christmas Beachbody

Christmas Excitement!

The kids decorating their tree. These are the faces I get when I ask them to smile nicely.
The kids decorating their tree. These are the faces I get when I ask them to smile nicely.

It’s no secret, this is a busy time of year for many: decorating, parties, baking, shopping, wrapping…exhaustion! I love this time of year. I love the memories of Christmas’s and holidays past. Being a military family it can be difficult to have traditions, so I’ve created my own which I’ll share with you in a minute, but first let me address something really important: YOUR HEALTH!!

With all the excitement of the holidays, people often throw reasonable eating and exercise out the window.

I find myself being extra conscience this year because of all the stress of the move last year. I worked out through packing for a move from North Carolina to Georgia until the day before we moved. It was stressful! Then we got here, and I put my fitness to the back burner. Not only did it make it really hard to get back into it a few months later, but my body felt yucky! Because it had become such an important part of my life and routine, it made me feel “off”.

I’m staying on track with Core de Force

This year I’ve decided to stay on top of things with Core de Force the newest program release by Beachbody.

Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews have put together a seriously awesome, fun, butt-kicking workout (with modifiers for those who may not be ready to go full out or are unable to go full range). The first week I lost 4 lbs and 2 inches in my waist. Truth be told, I had lost focus and was eating everything, and we all know you can’t out work a bad diet.

So even with Thanksgiving, I’ve stayed on top of my nutrition with my commitment to myself and to my challenge group. Proud of the ladies participating as well. I can’t wait to share with you my 30 day program results. No equipment needed. YOU are the equipment! 🙂 AND you can literally carry the program anywhere you want to either with DVDs or any streaming device that you could access Beachbody On Demand! So there’s literally no excuse for not getting in a great workout through the holidays even with travel.

You can learn more about the Core de Force program here. As always, you can email me with questions about how I’m making it work!

Core de force

The Joys of Christmas

Christmas has to be my favorite holiday. There’s a general feeling of excitement, joy, and hope.

I love being able to give to my kids, but even more than the gifts I get to give, I get to give them memories: memories of baking delicious cookies for other and Santa, watching every amazing Christmas movie ever made including my favorite It’s A Wonderful Life, going to church and watching the sweet plays remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the smells, the kindness…I love it all. It makes my heart sing!!

I think I’ve written about this before, but I’m extremely nostalgic. I love old things, and I especially love old things that were a part of my childhood. This December will mark one year since we moved back into our home that my husband and I purchased in 2005. Because we moved right before Christmas, I was unable to decorate until we arrived, and I only had a few days leading up to Christmas. It was unbelievably stressful, sad, and overwhelming at times.

Every year, I enjoy decorating our tree and home and remembering the significance of each piece I put up: who gave it to me, and when, and why…I’m very sentimental. Even the ugliest, crummiest pieces of trash might be a great treasure to me. So when you come to my house during the holidays, chances are I’ll have a story about my decorations. Here are a few things that I love and the pictures.

Christmas Beachbody
My Santa that I’ve had since I was about 5. He’s old, but he still works!
Beachbody Christmas
My grandma’s manger scene.
Christmas Beachbody
Our wreath and tree that were added last year because we couldn’t find our Christmas decorations. The manager at Lowes gave us the wreath and a kind neighbor had a tree ready for us when we arrived.
Christmas Beachbody
I love opening our ornaments and remembering the people who gave them to us.
Beachbody Christmas
A very old door hanging.
Christmas Beachbody
Another wreath someone had for us when we arrived so we would have some decorations.


Christmas Beachbody
The runner is actually a blanket a family friend gave us years ago. I don’t even know if it’s supposed to be for Christmas, but it looks festive. The glass Christmas trees are from my childhood. They’re old too!

My Decoration Style

I know it’s not Pinterest worthy, but I love it. Lots of memories of my childhood, family, and friends in my home. This year I’m grateful that we aren’t moving and that we can fully embrace and celebrate the holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year!



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