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This Christmas we spent celebrating a little bit differently than in years past. Of course we had the normal Christmas Eve celebration with friends and family, and then we woke up to Santa and unwrapping all the presents under the tree. But later in the day, my husband, middle son (Joseph), and I all went to visit the local first responders. My parents stayed behind with Jac and Uriah who wanted some down time. (I don’t blame them at all.) It turned into a very special day.


We took our “regular” guys and lady some treats. Ever since Jac had her seizure earlier in the year, I’ve been taking them goodies every month just to tell them “thank you” for being there. I know they don’t expect it because it’s just what they do, but I feel like they deserve so much more. They ended up having to leave on a call while they were there.


My husband has recently signed on to be an Outreach Coordinator for a group called Point27.  Their mission is simply to help encourage first responders and members of the military. We passed out the appropriate dog tags to each person we saw. (Actually that was Joseph’s job, and I’m pretty sure it made their day.)

We often don’t think of those who have to work on Christmas Day, and if I’m being truthful, I probably wouldn’t give it much thought because of my husband’s service and often not being home for the holidays over the last 16 years. I’m glad we were able to bring some joy and a smile to each of them.

We were also able to meet the ladies at the 9-1-1 call center for Bryan County. People we so often don’t even think about, but really, just how important are they? Without them, it would take forever to get help in an emergency situation, and for that, I am grateful. It also hits a lot closer to home when you have to call these people…not only do they make the request for emergency services, they help calm people and reassure that help is on the way. When things get scary, they help.


Honestly, I’d love to make this a Christmas tradition. I hope that the other kids will join in next year. I’d also love to make a little something for every station in our area not just the guys who answered our call. It made me really happy to see that others had remembered them on Christmas too because they had lots of food to eat. 🙂


After we had to call emergency services and I’d planned to make them some cookies, my husband said, “You should do this every month.” And that was settled. I’ve made it a point to stop by and see them every month just to say, “Thank you.” I actually missed November (how??), but I made up for it with two stops with goodies this month. I even made these cranberry bliss bars this month. I want to make sure they’re at the top of our list of things to take care of, and I challenge anyone who reads this just to do something…anything. They more than appreciate it…especially when the only time you really think of them is when you need them. We hope we made their Christmas a little merrier. I like to think we did. I was also really pleased that Joseph wanted to come along, hand out the dog tags provided by Point27, and engage in conversation.


So here’s to a wonderful 2020. I hope it’s filled with blessings and reaching new goals you’ve set for yourself, and while I don’t love New Year’s resolutions, I do encourage you to make changes to reach goals you’ve made for yourself. If being healthier is on your list of things to do, I’d love to help you with that.

Until next time friends…NEXT YEAR!!! lol


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