We’ve had a really busy summer so far: moving into a new house, a super finger infection that had to be lanced, painting and decorating the new house (which while the end result is enjoyable, the work is not), a giant seizure that sent Jac to the hospital, a new medication for seizures that sent […]


My kid is the smartest…most talented…cannot fail…Will be the best at everything he does in life… IT STARTS EARLY I think we begin the comparison game early in life. I know everyone seems to think it’s only since the invention of social media that it has existed, but long before social media we had moms […]


  PROCESSING A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE Processing a traumatic experience is not easy. I haven’t purposely tried to be vague or not share, but honestly I’ve been having a really hard time lately. BACKGROUND I shared on my personal Facebook page that, almost two weeks ago, my daughter Jac had a grand mal seizure. For some […]


SELF REFLECTION I was taking with my client the other day and she told me about a new nutrition plan she was starting. She’s been through the entire year of Precision Nutrition (with success), but she still has weight she would like to lose. (Don’t most of us?😉) It’s not extreme, but it will take […]


It’s no secret. I’m sure you’ve seen in my posts lately: I love wildlife. I love to observe nature; God’s beautiful creation. I don’t know that I’ve always appreciated it the way I do now, but the older I get, the more time I take to wonder at His marvelous creation. We have SO MANY […]

Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I thought it appropriate to write about moms. 😊 I mean, the name of the website should be a good indication of what you’ll find on my site, but I also want to share that you may have seen some different things than you were expecting when you […]