BASICALLY EVERYTHING IS HARDER AS A MOM Sleeping, eating, bathing, leaving the house, shopping, working out, losing weight, cooking meals, literally everything….including training a martial art. Training a martial art is hard…especially as a mom. IT’S ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT TO TRAIN WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR KIDS IN TOW… When I first started training a little over […]


Almost every night I leave the gym, I see the most glorious sunset…that I can never take a picture of because…I’m driving.🤷‍♀️ At a stop light, we were able to snap a picture of the sunset…it doesn’t begin to do it justice. Not even close, but here it is… Sigh One of my favorite things […]


hot n fit mamas club

MY HUSBAND IS HOT…AND NOT JUST A NORMAL HOT My husband is hot. Not just a normal hot, but former Army Ranger (with 1st Ranger Battalion)kicking in doors and blowing stuff up hot. Now, I realize that most people don’t even know what a Ranger is or does, but they’re special. And my husband, is […]


If you’ve followed the blog or my Facebook page for any length of time, you would know I’m a busy mama! But guess what…busy mamas need a break. I’m horrible at taking time to pause and “take off”, but with the Summer we’ve had so far it 100% needed to happen. With my bronchitis still […]


We’ve had a really busy summer so far: moving into a new house, a super finger infection that had to be lanced, painting and decorating the new house (which while the end result is enjoyable, the work is not), a giant seizure that sent Jac to the hospital, a new medication for seizures that sent […]