I’m sure you’ve all seen people who have lost weight or gotten into shape and use the phrase “life changing”…that’s because it is. The picture is me the very day I started to change my life. I had already made a decision (mental) and created a plan to reach that goal. Looking back, I just […]


Training as a woman is very different than training as man. I feel like I do have to point this out, but men and women are different…Women often train martial arts as a form of self defense, and honestly, it’s imperative that we do. While it may not seem fair that we feel the need […]


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down and written a blog just for me. When I say for me, I mean just ideas…not for another company or person, but something that I just had on my mind. My husband makes fun of me for my taste in television. I’ve always found peoples […]


If you’ve known me for very long, it’s no secret that I love a good pair of leggings…and workout gear in general. I’ve written posts for other activewear companies, and I’ve also joined other direct sales companies in the past…which left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. And then I found ZYIA Active. INTRO […]


We are certainly living in strange times. Nothing about 2020 has felt normal. With the pandemic and now tensions with race relations…well, it’s just very overwhelming. I’ve debated whether-or-not to write this, but honestly it’s on my heart and I feel the need to share a little bit of my heart. I realize I might […]


I’ve had a few gym bags over the last few years since I started working out, but my Elite Sports fear bag is now my favorite. I didn’t use my bags often, mostly just for special trainings or the rare event that’d I’d go to the gym. (Maybe the few months I worked at one.) […]