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STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW I debated between “Stronger than you know”, and “Stronger than you think” for this piece because sometimes we doubt ourselves, and when we KNOW something rather than just THINK something it changes our perspective. I’ve tried to figure out the best way to present this because I’m not trying to toot […]


HOLIDAY TRIP So normally our vacations are in the Summer and to New Hampshire to see family…but my husband’s TDY trip to Northern Virginia allowed me to have a mini vacation right here at the holidays. So I’ll consider this a special little holiday trip. I didn’t even plan on doing so much site seeing, but […]


cranberry bliss bar

CRANBERRY BLISS BARS ARE SO GOOD! I’m sure most of you reading this have had Starbuck’s cranberry bliss bars, but if you haven’t you should still try this recipe. I love these things! I know you’re probably also asking, “Kelley, don’t you only eat ‘healthy’ foods?” The answer is, not always! I like all sorts […]


THANKSGIVING 2019 Thanksgiving 2019 is upon us! It’s my second favorite holiday (after Christmas). Typically, I like to celebrate one holiday at a time. I really like to soak each one up…plus, my mom brain can only process one thing at a time. If I start doing Christmas before Thanksgiving (our tree and decorations go […]