So this isn’t meant to be a judgmental or really even an informational post. It’s simply sharing my thoughts on something I know people feel very strongly about: breastfeeding vs. formula.


I breastfed all three of my babies. (I would do it again too!) The total length for breastfeeding when added up totals about four years of my life dedicated to feeding them with my body. It was important for me to do. In fact, I felt like it was the only thing that my body had done right after having Jacqueline.


Not proud of this, I used to judge women who didn’t breastfeed. I know!! I feel awful. But everything I read about it said anyone and everyone can breastfeeding. (Basically unless you’ve had a mastectomy, you should be able to breastfeed.) But time and talking to other women has shown me that this is not true.



I’ve watched dear friends agonize over whether-or-not to continue breastfeeding because they know they aren’t producing and they’re having to supplement. I’ve watched friends lose their entire milk supply for apparently no reason. (I even watched my own supply dwindle in the first month with my daughter because I was so overwhelmed and stressed.)



Breastfeeding doesn’t make you any more or any less of a mother. Sometimes breast isn’t best. Yes, it has the best nutrients formulated for our baby’s tiny body, but sometimes it just isn’t happening as easily for the next mom. She tries hers best and pulls all the “increase your milk” tricks and it lost doesn’t happen. And then sets in…mom guilt.



We have enough to feel guilty about as moms. Feeding our children should not be one of those things we feel guilty about. And breastfeeding, especially once you get into a routine, shouldn’t be frustrating and consume all your time. You need to enjoy your new baby and the rest of your family.

But these are just my thoughts. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine. Let me know in a nice way.🥰

Moving this week and then sharing a really awesome story about the process…so stay tuned. Don’t forget to sign up for my emails so you don’t miss. Until next time…


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