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Beachwaves for beautiful, easy hair. Few things make a mom feel pretty as when her hair looks good, but let’s be honest: finding the time to do our hair. If I’m being 100% honest, I haven’t had my hair cut and colored in about five months (as I write this). Daily workouts and showering at night usually leave me with a messy top knot or pony tail. If’ I really want to do something different, I try a braid. (And let me tell you, I’m at a loss for hair styles when it comes to my Jiu-Jitsu classes. :/ ) On Saturday night we went out with friends. After class, I came home and took a shower…and styled my hair! I know amazing, right? So pictured below is my hair on the third day of styling with no product to hold it and just a little dry shampoo to absorb any extra oil.

beachwave hair


I’ll tell you how…My most favorite hair tool EVER!!! No joke. It takes about 10 minutes (or less) to do it. I do it in three layers (I’ll post a video so you can watch “how to”), and it lasts for days. Three is the max I’ve tried to go because honestly, when I workout, I sweat like a dude. So this hair NEED shampoo…and not the dry kind.

This is the EXACT model I use. I got it because it had a couple of options the other model didn’t have, and the barrel was bigger.

If you simply can’t bring yourself to spend that kind of dough, I get it. Here’s a slightly less expensive model.

And if you have shorter hair or want a tighter curl…

I know it’s pricey, but I use it usually at least once a week. A girl’s gotta have good hair for church, right? lol It’s the one day (usually) I give a decent effort. I got mine before I did photos for my site and knew I didn’t want to have to pay a hair dresser to do beautiful, beachy curls.


Oh, and about that dry shampoo.

I’ve used a couple, but I like the light scent of this one and it works the best of all I’ve tried at around that price point.

I’ve also used Redken, but if you’re just looking for a good fairly inexpensive one, Batiste is awesome!


So this is how I survive weightlifting workouts where I sweat a little less…but once Tuesday comes I can’t avoid washing my hair. I hope this helps some mamas out there, because I feel like when our hair looks good, we hold our heads a little higher. I can’t think of an easier hair style than this.

Happy styling!

And here’s the video…

Hair Tutorial 

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