Aging In Fitness

Aging In Fitness: The Aging Process

Getting older is inevitable, but we actually DO have some control over HOW we age. Working out can be utterly life changing both physically and mentally. A while ago, I asked some of my Facebook friends what they’d like to see by way of the blog, and one person mentioned aging in fitness. Now I can go a few ways with this, so I’m going to share the benefits of working out as well as how to get started and how we may need to modify as we get older.

Beginning Your Fitness Journey

Some people begin playing sports and being active from a young age: from soccer, football, ballet, gymnastics, running, etc. Some begin later in life…Like I did. I started when I was 27 after I had my second child, and I can tell you that I feel better at this point in life than I ever felt prior to working out. I have more energy than I ever had, I’m more comfortable with my body, stronger, faster, more confident, and mentally more alert (even with three little monkeys running around yelling at me). There really is no age limit to starting. Take for instance, Ernestine Shepherd. She began weight lifting and bodybuilding competitions when she was 56! She’s truly and inspiration.

What You Need To Know If You’re New

You’ll want to visit your doctor first and see if it’s safe for you to begin an exercise regimen. If you get the green light, go visit a certified fitness professional who will figure out what the best approach is for you. He or she should be able to talk with you and figure out your goals and write a program that will help you reach them. Finding a good match is important. You want to like and have a good relationship with your trainer.

Starting can be difficult. Seeing others who are fit can sometime be intimidating and even a bit discouraging. But don’t stop. We all have to start some place! Good for you for starting. Keep going!

There may be some types of workouts that aren’t for you depending on your age, base line health and starting fitness level, and conditions you may have. (E.g. There are some types of movements that women with osteoporosis should not perform.)

If You’re Already Working Out

I personally believe you should always be working toward some sort of goal. Balance tends to be something that atrophies with age. I personally struggle with it now at 34. If I choose not to work on it (especially since it’s challenging) I will not get better and will get worse. The same goes for strength, endurance, and flexibility. All these things should be worked on. (If I’m being honest, I’m naturally fairly flexibly so it’s not something I work on often. I’ve noticed a decrease in my natural flexibility in the last few years and should begin working on it…lest I lose it!)

Benefits Of Working Out

Aging doesn’t have to look like extra medicine, a rounded back, a walker or wheelchair, heart attacks, or your mind going. While there are a lot of diseases and conditions that are genetic, if your body doesn’t know it’s as old as it is, I believe you have an advantage on the aging process. Want to learn more about some of the many benefits of working out? Check out this article from Health about the benefits of working out. Not too shabby at all! I’ll sure take it. 🙂  I like the idea of slowing down the aging process, having a more durable body, and looking younger. Need any more reasons to work out? It’s thought that it can help improve brain function. Boom! It’s literally good for your whole body.

Don’t be afraid to start. Need someone to talk to? Why not talk to me? 🙂 I’d be happy to point you in the right direction. I’ll be adding to the site soon with new content as well as personal training online as well as Precision Nutrition curriculum. You don’t want to miss out, so make sure you sign up for my email list so you’re in-the-know AND snag your FREE copy of my e-book all about organizing and prioritizing. Till next week! 😉

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  1. Love this. I completely agree that we can choose how we age! It’s going to happen, but it doesn’t mean I have to get stiff and heavy and have restricted movements! I’m aging my way!

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