5 Ways Your Workout Clothes Affect Your Workout

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My Workout Clothes When I Started

When I first started working out back in 2011, I had a lot of weight to lose. Like 40 lbs!I was definitely at my heaviest. I never thought about how my workout clothes could affect my workout. I wore my husband’s old “Ranger panties”. (They’re a real thing FYI…and super comfy.) I also wore my nursing bras as support and old ratty t-shirts. I also dusted off my old sneakers so I could jump in to P90X. With that, I pushed play every day for 90 days and lost 14 lbs.

Then I started Turbo Fire and lost an additional 14 lbs…by the next year, I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight and looking at becoming a certified Turbo Kick Instructor! But my clothes!! Yikes. I describe my workout wardrobe at that time as “homeless athlete”. It was a pretty accurate description. Everything was worn out and gross…and didn’t fit any more. So this is what I learned about workout gear.

Things To Think About with Workout Apparel

How much do you want to spend? When you first start working out, and you have 10 or more pounds that you plan on using, unless you have a lot of  money or love to spend money for no reason DO NOT purchase expensive workout gear. There are plenty of decent workout clothes out there. For me, I went to Target and bought some pants, sports bras, and a couple of tops for about $100. It wasn’t super pricey, but it got the job done. Walmart also has decent workout clothes.

The only thing I would recommend splurging on in the beginning is footwear because you want to protect your feet and get them in the proper type for the workout genre you’ve chosen and your feet aren’t going to be getting smaller in most cases…in any event, just get good shoes.

5 things To Look For In Clothing

Look at your workout clothes with a critical eye that will really help you to get on the right page in terms of not on the way that it functions.

1- Fit of clothing

This is important. You don’t want to too tight. It won’t look or feel good. So don’t worry about sizes. Focus on getting a good fit and cut that is comfortable for you

2- What type of workout are you doing?

I ask this because it does matter. If you’re running, you’re going to want to make sure you get running gear. You probably wouldn’t want to run in the same pants you lift in. And you probably wouldn’t want to lift in running shorts. The type of top you have matters too. You wouldn’t want to do yoga in a super flowy top that doesn’t have any elastic to hold in place when you do an inversion.

3 – Supportive Bra or Top

I personally don’t have a lot going on up top. Though I need some support because I am a woman, but I probably don’t need as much support as someone who is a D-cup. If I’m doing something that requires a lot of jumping, I wear a bra. If I’m doing something that maybe doesn’t require as much, I can wear a top with a built in bra.

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4- Comfort in clothing and how it moves with your body

This kind of refers back to #2. What kind of workout you do will necessitate different types of clothing. If you’re wondering, you could always look at Lululemon. They categorize their clothing by activity. You could look at styles there and get some ideas. Lululemon is my absolute favorite. I held out for years not getting their pants because of the price, but since I get paid to workout….I pay for Lululemon. 🙂

Another great company if you’re looking to shop on a budget but still want good quality and can look it up by activity is Fabletics. I will say that I’m not in love with their tops. There have been a few that I liked, but overall, i haven’t been terribly impressed. Their pants are great though!

5 – Cute makes you feel good!

For me, I definitely approach my workouts differently when I feel good about what I’m wearing. I workout alone, in my living room, generally in the dark of the early morning…but I feel good in my Lululemon or my cute Beachbody tops.

What’s your favorite place to get workout clothes? What’s your go to workout outfit? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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