4 Reasons Why Workout Shoes Matter

Workout Shoes Matter

When I first started in fitness back in 2011, I had a really old pair of running shoes. It’s all I had. I think they were at least 2 years old, but we didn’t have  a lot of money at the time living on one income, so I thought they would do. It wasn’t until I went to my first fitness certification for Turbo Kick that I learned that shoes actually matter. I was really embarrassed at that point when I looked down and saw my running shoes looking up at me. I heard what the instructor had to say, and then I started researching a little. Here are some basics.

What To Look For In A Shoe

  1. It depends on what type of workout you’re doing as to what kind of shoe you need. You can get into even more specifics, but running shoes are meant for a forward motion because basically, that’s how you move when you run. What I needed was more of a cross trainer for lateral movements since I was doing programs like Turbo Fire and Insanity.
  2. Your arch. This can be a little tricky. There are places that can look at your gait and fit you into the right kind of shoe if you have no idea about your arch. I have really flat feet, so I try to look for shoes that a good for people with flat feet and go from there. This doesn’t matter what sport or activity you’re participating in, you’ll find a shoe for your arch type.
  3. The age of the shoe matters. A good rule of thumb is to switch them out every six months or so. The shoes start to break down either with use or from dry rot. If you haven’t worked out in years, get yourself some new shoes. This is important so you can help avoid injury by using a poorly fitting or damaged shoe.
  4. Cuteness matters…at least it does to me. I like a shoe that looks good on my foot and does the job it’s supposed to. I supposed it’s the last thing you should be worried about which is why I listed it last, but doesn’t every woman want to feel like her shoes are cute?

Now Go Workout

Now that you know you need shoes to fit your activity…PERMISSION TO GO BUY NEW SHOES! (Got that from Chalene. 😉 Want to know more about workout apparel? Check out my blog on workout clothes here!

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