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What began as a fitness site has slowly developed into more of a life blog. While I do personal training and coach nutrition clients, it’s the stories of my life that help me connect to people. It is my great hope that people (women in particular), reading my stories and about our life events, will gain hope and inspiration.

“Be the woman everyone else admires not because you’re perfect, but because you have decided to be the best version of yourself each day!”

Fitness is a Whole Mama Concept

This isn’t just about looking good. Fitness is about feeling good physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We’re here to chase happiness, to find balance, and to feel fulfilled. That takes hard work, and it’s guaranteed that it’s going to be a whole lot more challenging than you want it to be. But it’s also incredibly rewarding, and well worth the time and effort that you’re going to put into it for you and for your family.

Speaking of family – it’s possible to work out with your kids in tow! That’s what’s so great about what I do, you can workout in your living room (or literally anywhere) with your kids right there. It’s about “I Can! NOT “I can’t!” They’ll see that fitness is a part of life, that it’s just something that you do. We work out with our kids in the room; sometimes crawling all over us and sometimes just watching. You can be a mama and still make it happen because…

Nine years ago, I found myself a new mother of a child with special needs and a marriage that was on the rocks. I was depressed, tired, overwhelmed, and unsure of what the future held for us. Another child was not something I planned for, but almost three years after our daughter was born, the Lord blessed us with our second child with a healing birth experience and a new zeal for life. I was determined to feel myself again, and with help from a high school friend I started working out and got into the best shape of my life. Not only did I find myself again, I liked who I was more than before because I had passion again. Fitness! (All from home!) Being a fitness professional isn’t for everyone, but working out and eating well is. Let me help you realize your potential.


Fun Facts About Me:

  • I can play the flute, and thought I would be a music major. Instead I received a BA in Political Science.
  • I met my husband when I transferred from one university to another and was in ROTC. I decided not to pursue an Army career because I didn’t want to have to deal with the dual military thing…I know people do it, but we didn’t want to go that route.
  • Having children and working out actually helped me schedule and plan my day better.
  • I love music from the 80s and so do my kids.
  • My favorite foods are pizza (which I make every Friday for pizza and movie night), and ribeye.
  • I’m shy, but my chosen career path really helps me to grow and step out of my comfort zone. I’m more comfortable doing live videos on Facebook than talking to people I’m familiar with in real life. I feel socially awkward.
  • My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and I watch it every Christmas.


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